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Earl Kane of Earl's Bikes

Earl 1968


Born July 28, 1945, Earl built his first bike at the age of 8.

Fabricated out of a 26" bicycle frame, 20" bicycle wheels (each one running two nested tires - they lasted longer that way) and powered by a cast iron, horse-and-a-half one cylinder/four stroke Briggs and Stratton motor off an old Maytag washing machine... it was belt driven, direct drive and didn't have a clutch so you had to peddle the bike to get the motor started and when you came to a stop sign or a red light either you went through or had to turn the engine off.

The first modification was to make the belt longer, add a spring loaded pulley (and reinvent the slip clutch).

Earl has been building and modifying bikes ever since.

Ten years ago Earl switched over from Harleys to British bikes and started building '60s style bobbers.

Earl's shop is a small, one man operation. The tools are basic – some of them hand made. He does his own paint, engine builds and custom parts.

Recently Earl was featured in One World's film, The Harbortown Bobber.


Earl Kane of Earl's Bikes


Earl Kane of Earl's Bikes