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The Harbortown Bobber

Two years in the making, The Harbortown Bobber follows the ground-up build of Scott DiLalla's '69 bobber as various back yard masters put their hands on it creating a unique custom motorcycle, showing their techniques and telling their own personal stories along the way.

Bobber Republic

Dedicated to all Harley, Triumph and Indian motorcycles which have been converted to Bobber, Chopper, Short Chop, Dirt Racer, Lowrider, Lane Splitter, Barhopper or Ratbike, and everything in between...

Dice Magazine

Mainly about motorcycles and not the pretty kind, either. Unless you think faded paint, rust, cracked glass, ripped leather and oil everywhere is pretty...


Brittown features legendary underground mechanic and Britbike connoisseur "Meatball" from the Hell On Wheels bike shop as he eats, drinks, and sleeps British iron; using all his skill to transform an old 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a barely-legal road racer.